Fender Vintage Reissue ’65 Double Reverb Guitar Amplifier

Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Double Reverb Guitar Amplifier

The Fender ’65 Double Reverb Amp is a genuine all-tube recreation of the initial traditional! It has 2 networks, tube vibrato, tube springtime reverb, tilt-back legs and also Blackface cosmetics. Consists of the two-button footswitch to regulate reverb as well as vibrato results.

Made to appear as near to the initial as feasible, the fender twin reverb reissue are constructed in Corona, The golden state as well as function Jensen audio speakers (One C12K for the Deluxe as well as 2 C12Ks for the Double, 4 P10Rs for the Super and also one C10R for the Princeton), Schumacher transformers, typical tremolo as well as tube-driven reverb to produce that timeless, “Blackface” audio a lot of gamers wish. They do have PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards), instead of the original’s “hand-wired” wiring, yet the elements (capacitors and also resistors) coincide worths as amps from that duration. They additionally have hand-wired tube outlets as well as various other components for additional toughness.

Tonal Characteristics: Bright, scooped midrange that is called the “Blackface” noise, articulated “Wine Glass” highs from the Jensen audio speakers and also a somewhat extra courteous power amp for crystal cleanses that could additionally be cranked for excellent overdriven tones.

That’s it for: Gamers that enjoy the initial variations however are evaluated of possessing fender twin reverb reissue classic amps, blues gamers, nation gamers, rock gamers, guitar players attempting to obtain traditional “Blackface” audios.

While the sale price discovers it cruising hazardously near waters inhabited by major store competitors, both online as well as on the road it’s a better story, with the Twin readily available for ₤ 1,130 from significant merchants at the time of composing.

Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Double Reverb Guitar Amplifier

Fender ’65 Double Reverb Specs:


  • Initial all-tube wiring
  • 85 watts
  • 2 Jensen 12″ audio speakers
  • 2 networks
  • Tube vibrato
  • Tube springtime reverb
  • Blackface cosmetics
  • 26-1/2″ W x 20″ H x 10-1/2″ D.
  • 64 pounds.