To win a date with Josh Collmenter when he comes to Australia with the Arizona Diamondbacks tweet or post on instagram @mlbsydney2014 why Josh should pick you.

Josh collmenter


Height: 6’4
Weight: 102kg
Eye Colour: Heavenly Blue
Special Skills: Master of Wizardry

Josh likes long walks on Bondi beach, reading poetry on a bear rug in front of the fireplace and tall, athletic women whose offspring will likely result in a college scholarship.


His Michigan roots make him comfortable in cold weather but his Viking blood keeps him warm on winter nights.

His beard whispers sweet nothing in the wind and he’s not opposed to moving to Australia once his career is over.

Josh’s ideal date would include a chartered yacht on Sydney Harbour followed by a showing of Don Giovanni at the Sydney Opera house and dinner at Balla at The Star.

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One Response to WIN a Date with Heart Throb Josh Collmenter

  1. Jane says:

    Oh boy would I love Josh to choose me!! This is soooo exciting!!!!
    Maybe it’s the Master of wizardry skills permeating through the phone, or all this talk of Viking blood- regardless- my heart is all a flutter.
    While I came to the baseball side of things a little late, I’m making up for it!
    In September of last year I saw the Angels play Texas Rangers at home and was it great! I’m heading back to the States in May and my friend (who’s dad is a coach) is going to show me the ropes. I’ll be hitting home runs in no time!
    I’m also a big opera fan and I love Italian!
    I’m tall and athletic- This competition was made for me :-)
    Win or lose, I hope Josh (and the team) are having a great time in Australia, enjoying the sun, beach and the coastally breeze in his beard. Batter up!!

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